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The Birth of Eazyflicks – Welcome!

Eazyflicks – The Uk’s first cloud delivery platform, dedicated to wedding videographers and photographers.

  Hi guys! Jon here, founder of Eazyflicks – slick online video and photo delivery, all under one roof! I just wanted to open up by saying thank you all for being here with us. This journey has been incredible, full of swings and roundabouts, but an amazing journey non-the-less.

We have been building Eazyflicks now for over 3 years. Coding, growing, fixing, repeating. This project is pure blood, sweat and tears. A lot of you have been here for the entire ride, watching us grow and transform. Some of you are only just discovering us, but we have so much more to offer still. We are only just touching the surface.
So, what is the big dream?
It’s simple. To offer an easy-to-use digital delivery solution for professional wedding videographers and photographers. We want our users (you) and your clients to experience a seamless deliverable, that everyone can be excited and proud to share online!
What can we expect for the future?
I believe in creating a super simple to use UI, but with a really slick deliverable and fun feel. When searching for online galleries, I was overwhelmed with too many bells and whistles. The opposite of what I needed as my aim was to deliver and then get back to the more important tasks within my business and personal life. With this being said, the platform will still become feature rich, whilst avoiding too many moving parts.

We already have some really useful features such as gallery background music, adding logo to the deliverable, password protection and download pins for privacy, 4k uploads and source file downloads. However, we do want to bring in some more sought after features such as TV apps for viewing, online sales of digital video files, video watermarking, and some we have plenty of other ideas in the pipeline.
Where can we stay updated?
If you want to stay updated, please create an Eazyflicks account to be added to our mail list, or you can join our Facebook Mastermind   So finally, a huge thank you for your continued support, we have hit huge walls and scaled them, but only thanks to your business, and our dream! I hope you enjoy your time with us, and enjoy watching our journey!     JB – ¬†Eazyflicks Founder