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3 key Elements to Creating a Solid Wedding Brand

Building out your Brand - 3 key Elements to Creating a Solid Brand for Your Wedding Photo & Video Business.

Branding is one of the most important parts of running a business. It’s how we get seen in the industry and how valuable people believe our business is. 

If your branding isn’t on point, or it just doesn’t flow well, it’s not going to attract people and will ultimately affect your business..



So firstly what does it take to have good branding? Well it isn’t just one thing, it’s not just your logo or the design of your website. There’s a number of things that go into having good branding and using it to your businesses advantage!

Let’s start with the most important step to really creating a brand that attracts your ideal client and gets your business more attention – Authenticity! 

If you want people to buy into your business they have to feel it’s genuine, and most people can sense when it’s not. Especially if you work in an industry where you interract with your clients, like us wedding photographers and videographers. Make your business an extension of you, match it to your personality. So if your’e a serious person, build your brand around that, make it more corporate. If your’e loud and comical, start there. Be your brand!


So we have our first, and most important, building block, look at your style and start there. It’s not only going to help the client connect with you but you will enjoy your work more, no one enjoys faking it. That leads us onto the next step – Ethos!


What are you about? what’s your mindset, your outlook on life? Let this run through the core of your business. Why do you do the job? What is your big ‘why’?

Let’s take wedding videography for an example. Do you love all things ‘love’? Do you enjoy it for the creativity? Do you do it because it’s good money? Each of these have a reason behind them, and you can communicate this in your own way.

This is really going to make your brand authentic and real, and people will buy into it.

Once you have a clear image of the core of your branding, of the idea you want to people to understand and invest into, then you can start designing the outer image of your brand. This is going to be so much more fun and interesting for you if your brand is based around your likes and personality.

This leads us onto the final step of building out your brand – Consistency!



Your brand ethos has to run through your whole business, on your website, on your socials and in person.

You do this by being consistent with every element. Language is a really important factor when growing your brand, you need to make sure the language you use on your website matches the language you use on your socials and how you talk in real life. Again, keep it real! If your’e soft spoken then write your content like that, if your’e loud and chatty, use the same tone on your website.

Even the clothes you wear should mirror your branding. If your branding is cool and creative, dress like that, even if it isn’t traditionally ‘smart’. If your brand is clean and more serious, dress smarter, with shirts and shoes etc. You are a representation of your brand and all of these aspects help people recognise it.

A given would be that colours, font and style of images should flow across all platforms, including stories (use the same filter and font), but there are so many brands that don’t do this and it doesn’t create a good flow through their business. It doesn’t help them stand out!

Implementing all these techniques into your brand design is going to help you stand out. It’s going to show your potential clients what your about, who you are and what they can expect from working with you. They will choose you because they love your vibe and they’ve bought into you and your business as a full package.

Closing Comments

Whether you are a full time wedding photographer or videographer already, or you are just at the early stages, we hope these tips help you discover new ways to tie your brand together! Check back again soon for more useful tips.